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The Making of The Impact of The Internet on Politics

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I am interested in cybersecurity & data privacy and the lack thereof which has led to data mining and its effect on democracy. As the world embraces digitalization, our daily lives become filled with all forms of digital media containing our data; therefore, I find data privacy to be one of the biggest topics of discussion in our society and politics. We have laws regarding privacy and the extent to which the government or anyone else can gather and share our information; however, with the internet, these laws have become quite unclear. The EU introduced new laws regarding cookies and many social media tech giants have been faced with serious repercussions to their usage of user data. To gain deeper insights into our digitalized future I combed through old interviews of some of the pioneers of the internet to see if and

how these influential tech people addressed these concerns when they were creating our digital future.

After going through several interviews I decided to focus on net neutrality, data privacy, and fake news/disinformation as topics that impact politics. I personally love connecting media and politics so I wanted to feature the events that went through my mind as I watched these interviews. I decided to include a wide range of sources from MSNBC to Fox News as it shows how polarizing the media is and how it only adds to the echo chambers we find ourselves in online.

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