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50% Off Headphones

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I have faced many challenges over the years from academics to personal issues. I have moved across cities, countries, and continents and made it out better than I was before. I truly believe that even our worst experiences help us grow into a better person so I would not trade any of my experiences for better ones.

I have the mentality to do the best of my ability with what I have. This mindset comes from a very personal experience. I was born with Microtia and Atresia. This is a condition where I was born with an underdeveloped right ear. I basically cannot hear out of my right ear. Since the age of eight, I have had four major surgeries to remake my ear; however, I am still unable to hear from my right ear. This may seem like a huge disadvantage, but I never saw it that way.

As a child whenever the vacuum cleaner came on I would just close my left “good” ear with my right hand and continue playing and drawing with my left hand. Sure I am unable to tell which direction sound is coming from or not always able to hear people talk, but on the bright side, I hear less gossip and unnecessary conversations around me. My ear was never my enemy but my best friend in a sense. I joined the choir and became choir president and played piano as well. Music is a safe space for me. One of my favourite things to do is put on headphones and go for a walk because it drowns out the rest of the world. I did get in trouble in class once or twice because teachers did not know to what extent I am unable to hear.

"I always joke that I should get 50% off all headphones I buy because I only use one. "

I may not make a big deal about my ear but the truth is it has limited the sports I can do because one of the surgeries required taking part of my rib. There are days where I wish that I did not have to deal with this at all. I have been called deaf, half-deaf, or been made fun of how my ear looks but that never did and never will stop me. I joined every sport I wanted and pushed myself hard. I love rock climbing and sometimes I would sit out for a week because I pushed myself too hard and hurt my rib area, but I was back again soon enough. I always find the humour and positivity in my situation. I find it ironic and hilarious that I am known for listening and understanding and yet I only have one ear. Logically speaking most people should have double my ability to listen, but then again most people do not actually listen. The physical and mental pain of my ear has always pushed me to overcome all my obstacles. I proved to people that having my disability is, in fact, a blessing and I have accomplished activities that most people with both ears would not attempt to do. This precedent of always trying something new and not giving up is one that I have set for the rest of my life.

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