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Wild, Crue,l Breathtaking Flower

You changed me.  You made me believe I could be loved forever. My love for you was like a wild flower., in that I tried countless times to root it out, but still its roots dug deep into my heart where it bloomed and blossomed onto my face as a smile.  My dreams tinged with your warm presence. I close my eyes and hold that valentine’s gift close to my heart and imagine your body right next to mine where it should be. Your arms like a shelter from all harm. You made me feel loved and alive. Your words were like a sweet escape into a wonderful fairytale where we both could live forever. You made me believe in forevers. You made me believe in relationships, in romance, even in marriage which I had sworn off.  You gave me your last name — what a cruel joke. To me you were this beautiful certainty and to you, I guess, I was a source of joy that was at your dispense. I do not know what happened to our fairytale, I fought for you as the knight in shinning armor over a hundr