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The Forgotten Beat of the Late 20th century

Lately a "new" music has been on the rise in the mainstream music. A music that was never really taken as music before. A new way of making music. Electronic music. I'm from the generation, where this music is very popular. It has been incorporated in genres such as pop and R&B.  Every generation is defined by a specific music, all of which are pushing the boundaries put by the older generation. The newer music is never really appreciated too much and the sad part is that many people do not know why, but they know for a fact that classical music is better than this electronic music. I decided to write this after talking to few adults, who did not really like nor appreciate this music. If you never really had a passion for music (it does not mean you have to play an instrument), then the idea that classical music is the best might be set in your head. Just like art, music is a self expressing device. It's a way of connecting people on a level that can not be expres