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Presidential Candidates: Through the Lens of a Debate Student

For many high school students, voting and other issues associated with being an adult seem to be a decade away from them; however, that doesn't stop them from voicing their opinions. High school is a time where many adolescents learn about forming their own ideas and opinions based on previous experiences. 2016 is a year where things that were once thought to be impossible are happening.  This year we are faced with one of the most controversial presidential elections in American history. Throughout the past three months, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump faced off during the presidential debates. Political and personal opinions aside, the candidates both face criticism for their manner of speaking; therefore, I thought that I would give my take on the debate.    I will break it down into three parts: respect, answers, and attitude.  Respect: As the second presidential debate started, we witnessed the two candidates take the floor. It might have slippe


Human "Without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property birth or other status." - UN Human Rights Deceleration, article 2 _________________________________________________________________________________  "Bullying is bad" teachers told me. Bullying is when a person uses their power and intimidation to force another person to do what the person wants. Here is the thing I don't see the difference between discrimination and bullying. Sure, the first word is more fancier and not many children know what that means but they both imply that one group of people use their power to exclude another group of people. Everyone is against bullying, so that means everyone is against discrimination.How come when someone tweets #BlackLIvesMatter they will face back lash with a bunch of people commenting   #AllLivesMatter? Take the stereotypical bullying situation The nerd is

The Missing Equation for Growth in the 21st century

One of the major topics of today's politics is our environment and how we have to save it. A big topic is global warming which has increased the earth’s regular temperature by 0.8 degrees Celsius since 1880. Two thirds of the global warming, however; occurred between 1975 and now. Not only does it increase desertification but it also harms the wildlife and the environment.  A contributor to the harming of nature is greenhouse gasses. These harmful gasses are produced through manufacturing of products. After these items lose their value they are thrown into landfill or even our oceans without taking out the toxins, thus allowing it to contaminate our resources and environment. People talk a lot about how the environment is being destroyed yet the solutions are never brought into the spotlight.  " The best way to protect our environment is by manufacturing products with a forethought to how to reuse it as many times as possible while keeping the toxins separate from the biodegr

The City Where Dreams Never Sleep

New York City.  Home to 8.406 million (2013). Only 304.6 mi². Google defines it as "Home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and other iconic sites, New York City is a fast-paced, globally influential center of art, culture, fashion and finance." Every person I have ever known wants to visit NYC in some point in there life.  I had the privilege of visiting this iconic city twice as a child. The first time I went to the east coast I was eight years old, my mom went to Princeton for business and I had the honor to see one of the most beautiful campuses ever. Back then I did not know what exactly university and all that was so I declared to my family that I will go to Princeton. I thought to myself who wouldn't want to go there! Einstein had a house there! I saw New York city from the view point of one of the millions of tourists who go there every year; however, I did not find it enchanting or as great as I had thought. To me it was just another bi

A Special Moment in Time

Everyone has that one memory of a place where your mind wanders to when you feel down. From the most breathtaking scenes to the simplest dreams we all think of that place when we close our eyes. Here is my memory: As I biked up the last path, I stood up to see the tips of the swaying willow trees. I heard my breath as all the sounds dimmed out just like the sea after the high tides so the sounds swiftly drew back. I pulled into the drive smiling at the three dancing willows who wore flowing green gowns that gently swept the earth as the wind kept singing its song. The trees soared towards the sky, and the bark was a white masterpiece painted by Mother Nature herself. My foot steps slowed down as I approached the garage door. I stood up on the tip of my toes reaching up to the lock. The lock unhitched and the door opened with the sweet sound of creaking wood. I parked my mountain bike next to the table that once stood proud in the sun.  A slant lead down into the moss filled grass. I to

The Forgotten Beat of the Late 20th century

Lately a "new" music has been on the rise in the mainstream music. A music that was never really taken as music before. A new way of making music. Electronic music. I'm from the generation, where this music is very popular. It has been incorporated in genres such as pop and R&B.  Every generation is defined by a specific music, all of which are pushing the boundaries put by the older generation. The newer music is never really appreciated too much and the sad part is that many people do not know why, but they know for a fact that classical music is better than this electronic music. I decided to write this after talking to few adults, who did not really like nor appreciate this music. If you never really had a passion for music (it does not mean you have to play an instrument), then the idea that classical music is the best might be set in your head. Just like art, music is a self expressing device. It's a way of connecting people on a level that can not be expres