Two Sides To A Coin That Changes The World

Hope and Innocence are two sides to one coin that is thrown into an endless well known as our world.

Hope and innocence are two very hard concepts to define. We know it when we see it but putting words together to define it is hard. As usual when we, humans, find something hard to define we like to compare it and give enough examples until the examples becomes it's definition.
Recently in class we talked about Lord of The Flies and if all innocence must be lost if we have to survive. 
My opinion: No. 

(now at this point you either don't have an opinion so you keep on reading, or you agree or disagree so you continue to read or you are not really interest so you stop, but I suggest you keep reading)

Innocence for me is when you have not been exposed to the world or matured enough to see the bad things in this world. I have been traveling since I was three months old so I have seen many different cultures but up until the age of eleven everything was great. Then suddenly I started noticing people differentiating each other for being unique. Whether thats the persons gender, race or religion.
My innocent view on the world changed.
I still consider myself innocent since I see the better in people and give everyone a chance.
I still believe that we can change this world for the better.

let me ask you something. what do you think drives you to do something? what makes you believe? what makes you want to wake up in the morning or sleep in?


Hope is what makes us take action because every action you take you do it for a reason. whether it is a bad result or good. But for that person it is because of hope.

Innocent and hope are strongly related.
Why do we want to save our Earth or stand up for what is right. It is because we do not want to see the next generation to loose that innocence. We don't want them to grow up with the challenges we have. A parent makes sure to shelter the child as long as possible because they need a reminder that not everyone has an evil side to them. We all do this hoping to make things better.
The world is filled with horrible things and we being part of this global community need to accept it and make sure that we do our part.
It is like voting in a way. We should practice our human right to stand up for each other and for what is right.
Make this world a better place everyday. Whether that is smiling at someone and making their day better or standing up for a cause you believe in.

Innocence may lessen as children grow up because this world is very dangerous.We need to accept the truth even if it hurts. People cannot just blind themselves of the bad things just because it may not be right outside their door. Humans from the beginning of time have made changes to their society because they believed that it was wrong and no one else should face the same difficulties. They did this because they hoped that their actions would make a difference.
As long as people have innocence  people will have hope and where there is hope there is a future. 


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