The Final Master Piece... "The Legacy"

"The Legacy"

This is a drawing I drew just recently during my music history class.  We spent the class watching a video on the roots of American music like Jazz, Blues and Country. They mentioned legacy. This does not happen often for me, but sometimes a certain words stays in my head and I cannot help it. This is one of them. 

"The Legacy" by Sneha Prasad Alam

13th October 2015
(drawn on the 9th October 2015)

I am not sure what style to put this art under, but lately graffiti sounds really interesting.
Growing up graffiti has always had a negative connotation. I think its another form of art. Expressing your opinion on something you believe and think deserves to be seen. I have seen some amazing graffiti art. One that stood out to me was this tiger with butterfly wings behind it. These graffitis make the cities are more interesting place to walk. In Little Havana, Miami they have street art representing the Cuban culture as well as the American culture.  

As people walk by this drawing I want them to first wonder how and what these shapes form. Then the colors gives clues as to what the speech bubble says. Then the final question: What does the races have to do with legacy and why did the artist draw it? Truthfully, I don't have a full answer to this question  myself, but then again a person sees what they want to see and that is their reality.

For me it means that: yes, we have our different races and each one has their empowering legacy yet its all still the human legacy. 10,000 of years from now if some other life form finds us will they immediately know our races? No. Our diverse cultures enrich our existence.

Like in the drawing our races and cultures are different colors. each one complements the other and no matter how different; they all complete the final master piece...

The Human Race 


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