My Personal Definition of Art

Art can be made by anyone and can be anything

To me art represents something significant to the artist or the world around them. Take the Golden age of art when realistic art was popular. Rembrandt painted the Nachtwacht where he used the effect of light and dark (chiaroscuro) to show who the main people in the painting were. 

Or COBRA art. It changed art. Abstract art is really different and beautiful. Many people see different thing and the colors could show the mood of the painter. It's a mystery. You shouldn't try to figure out what is means it's like poetry don't force the meaning out of it. That would kill it. Let the painting speak to you instead. there is no right or wrong because it is art.  Let your eyes scan the the art work and see what you think it is and don't try too hard. If you do you'll never truly see its beauty.

Frida Kahlo represented her life by incorporating nature  and animals to show her pain and thoughts. Paintings don't have to follow traditional ways. Art has evolved into many forms like pop art where technology can be used.

(An example of painting painted by me, try to see what's written)

Art represent different things in this world and as a artist you can call whatever you design art. 

Art is perceiving the world in different ways and communicating your thoughts, ideas and imagination through sculptures, designs, paintings and whatever else represents your story. 

Sneha Prasad Alam


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